Senior Portraits in Wheeler, TX – Jaci

I had to muster up the energy to make the early morning drive to Wheeler, TX for a senior portrait session, but it was worth it. Jaci was a blast to photograph and the early morning fog created a dreamy background for our first location. We were able to nail down some images at a few early locations. Jaci asked if we could swing by her dad’s work to take a quick photo with him. The feed-yard portrait location was definitely a first for me, but the images came out great!

Palo Duro Canyon Portraits with Calee

I love it when people are open-minded about locations and Calee’s senior portraits in Palo Duro Canyon State Park are one of the main reasons why. We trekked just shy of 4 total miles, stood barefoot in an ice-cold creek, battled the wind (see pic below), found a great ledge to enjoy view, and had a blast enjoying life. I’d like to publicly thank Lee for helping me carry my photography gear all around the canyon!

Barbosa Family Photo 2018

Time seems to pass by so rapidly and a fun family portrait session is an opportunity to create some lasting memories. I received a call a few days ago from my friend Regina. She explained that her only sister (and family) stopped by Amarillo for a few days to enjoy spring break, and wanted to know if I could squeeze in a quick family photo of them. Their son just happened to also be visiting from the DFW area. I was happy to help and their backyard made for an excellent backdrop!

Vianca – Windy Amarillo Photography Session

I started out as a beautiful day in Amarillo, TX for Vianca’s photography session, but the weather didn’t cooperate very long. Five minutes after arriving at our first location, the wind picked up to over 20mph and the gusts easily exceeded 25+. Most photographers around the country probably would have rescheduled, but if you’re going to be a photographer in the Texas Panhandle, you’d better be prepared for the wind. Otherwise, you’d have to reschedule almost every session!

Vianca was a trooper and fought the wind and dust like a champion!

It’s Wedding Season: Be nice to your photographer(s)!


As many of you know, I work full-time for a company managing the sales and marketing team for eCatholic, and most of my photography is done while traveling to Catholic churches and ministries around the country. Taking photos is what I call my professional hobby.

A couple of years ago, Sara and I moved to College Station and about one month after we arrived in Aggieland, I ran into an old college buddy of mine. James Barrett, is an established photographer, and he informed me that he and his wife had also recently moved to College Station, TX. As time went one, we gradually started 2nd shooting for each other at weddings and other major events. (more…)